Corporate 1

Artifex understands the importance of portraying the image of corporate clients by representing their product, their presence and even the history of their city in commercial installations. Our design team will work closely with you to produce an environment that enhances their corporate image, at a price point that suits your budget.

Image 1:
10′ x 10′ custom abstract painting in a large scale lobby.

Image 2:
Corporate Elevator lobby

Image 3:
Typical office installation – accent wall

Image 4:
Abstract Silver Wedge – An abstract print with a wide, simple silver wedge frame conveys success in a business office setting.

Image 5:
A set of six corporate values signs printed on canvas and distributed to 128 offices worldwide.

Image 6:
Spacer – Adding a spacer between mats adds interest and dimension to an otherwise flat print. Custom framed for a corporate client.