Mirrors are too often overlooked as design elements, which is a shame because they’re tremendously versatile. They can add elegance, enhance lighting, provide drama, create the illusion of additional space and even be works of art in their own right … oh, and they’re functional as well! Let us take you on a second look at the possibilities of incorporating mirrors into your design. Flat mirror, beveled mirror, antique mirror, smoke mirror and many more options.

Image 1:
Dining room installation of six large custom antique mirrors.

Image 2:
Oversize framed Mirrors and art in this Multi-family fitness center. 15777 Quroum Fitness Center

Image 3-4:
Floating Antique Mirror: Rectangles of antique mirror were tiled a floated face flush with a narrow brushed stainless frame. This elegant design is available in custom sizes and finishes

Image 5:
ADA compliant mirror in Assisted Living facility