Everyone will be impressed with this display of folded book art.

Artifex created this custom map wallpaper for a corporate office.

The Oak Room — signature signage in metal and wood.

Vintage Tennessee whiskey bottles on wood panels.

Art glass is always a hit.

The Best Art Framing Dallas Locals Could Ask For

     As an art-loving company, we work with the art of all mediums. Whether you want to frame a family portrait or want a frame for your lifelong achievements, we provide all that you may need for your project, especially since Artifex Art creates the most attractive picture frames Dallas people love; you can visit our shop and have a look at the awesome frames that are available to choose from. From traditional wooden options, to the latest leather and steel frames, we have all of them available for you. 

     The people of Dallas trust us, as the positive reviews which we have earned from them further prove our excellence. Throughout the years of our service, we have never compromised on our standards and quality, always producing the most unique and exhilarating designs that the people of Dallas love and admire. Apart from our unique quality frames, we also ensure to use top-quality glass to help protect your art piece or collection. You can always choose one frame from our marvelous collection, or have a new one custom-designed for you. To get the best custom picture framing Dallas people have ever seen, simply visit our shop, as our experts and designers will be with you as soon as possible to help you develop the most suitable design for your workpiece.  Since we believe in sustainability, our new modern wooden designs make use of reclaimed wood, which is much more eco-friendly. Furthermore, as we believe in honesty and integrity, we never overcharge our clients for any service that is rendered by us. Throughout the years of our business, our customers have never complained about our services, as we continue to provide the best art framing Dallas people have ever seen.

Quality Picture Frames Dallas TX People Love

     Since we have been helping the people of Dallas receive the best picture frames for many years, you can get your frames from our office if you live in Dallas, but if you live outside of the area, we can deliver our products to you, as we have an excellent delivery service which covers a lot of areas outside of the city. To know more about our services, call our excellent and friendly customer service. 

     To get the picture frames Dallas people love, our designers complete significant research and work hard to figure out the best designs that are highly in demand. Our work includes frames of every shape, including circles, squares, and ovals as well. As certain art pieces are difficult to frame, some people might hesitate before framing them. However, we have assuredly provided quality custom picture framing Dallas people prefer for their artwork for many years, as we do everything possible, with the use of our resources, to make sure our customers are satisfied with our quality of work. 

     Throughout the years that we have served our clients, we have successfully framed and preserved various oddly shaped pieces that are very challenging to frame. Our unique ability to involve our guidance personally with the client to further give them exceptional service, distinguishes us from the rest. So, do you have an art piece or portrait that you want framed? Don’t wait too long to get our quality picture frames Dallas TX people love at the most affordable prices.