Digital technology brings custom art within the reach of everyone.

In a digital, social media world, art and home décor is everywhere. We find the demand for custom art is still strong, and digital technology makes it very realistic to obtain. We have two examples below of projects we completed for clients.

This residential client was very specific about pieces she needed to fill a space. This oversize canvas butterfly diptych was created to fit in a 9’ x 9’ niche.

Our photoshop design team digitally combined a butterfly image with an abstract image of a palm frond. The butterfly had to be stretched to fit the space and its edges softened to blend seamlessly with the palm frond. Then the combined image was split in two and its edges mirrored for framing in floater frame.

This client also fell in love with a piece she saw online. The image was not available in the size needed so we created a similar piece. This entailed combining images of peacock and a tree branch, and putting them on a textured background like in the inspiration piece. The space required the final product to be a vertical. (I bet you didn’t know that most images of peacocks are horizontal!) The peacock had to be altered to perch on a branch turned diagonal to get them to a vertical orientation. The peacock’s talons had to be doctored to appear to be clutching the branch. Extensive color alterations were necessary to match the client’s colors and to give the entire piece the same “look and feel.” We are really excited with the results and the client was thrilled.

We compete custom projects like this weekly so let’s discuss your vision. Joe can digitally customized the colors and background to match your home’s décor and color scheme.