Navigation has killed maps for practical use. But maps as art live on! Maps are now retro and make great art pieces! In this video episode, Russell takes a look at a few ways you can use maps as art to elevate your interior design game.

By incorporating maps into your designs, you’ll be able to add unique and interesting elements to your spaces. Maps as art can be created in a variety of ways. In the video, Russell shows off a large map of Austin created for Cortland Design firm. It’s printed on clear acrylic, then framed with offsets, which gives the old city map a very modern look.

Maps are a lot of fun to work with! You can go really big and turn them into wallpaper, you can float them on vinyl, or put them on frost vinyl, glass and doors. For examples, see the inset images at about time-mark 0:35 in the video.

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