This week in the frame shop, Russell takes an historic “train trip” to Sachse Station, Texas!

Brandi Meyers and Kirsten Dawn with B2 Architecture asked Artifex to help with their multifamily project in historic Sachse, Texas.  In the video, Russell shows off some of the artwork created from historic train sketches.

How Historic Train Sketches Were Obtained

A number of pieces of the project come from the Historic Society in Sachse.  Keep this in mind for your projects:  Artifex has extensive experience working with historical societies and libraries to obtain and create pieces for interior design projects.

We love helping designers find ways to bring local history into interior design.  In this instance, the historic train sketches recall the time when Sachse had a Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway depot in the early 1900’s.

Custom Concept Art Created to Compliment the Historic Images

Artifex also helped create some of the displayed art.  Brandi and Dawn supplied a concept and Artifex executed the design. The result is a really cool wall-mounted sculpture that’s a replica of a section of railroad track.

Check out the video to see more about this project!  Also check out more custom framing projects!

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