We always recommend consulting an interior design professional for your big design projects. But it is up to you to personalize your interior. The often-neglected small spaces are your opportunity to transform a good design into a great and personal design.

First, give it some thought, don’t just fill the space.

I love the idea of collecting vacation mementos. Tourist destinations frequently have art for sale, but it is difficult to transport large or framed items back home. Purchase small originals if possible. But prints, reproductions and photos will work too. I was recently in Greece. I found an entire shop with carved olive wood items. So, look for dimensional items too. I purchased a small ceramic soap dish that made a lovely framed item. Greece changed to Euro currency, but the old coins are still available in the street bazars. So be creative when choosing items. 

The frame is important too. If a simple black frame is best, then use that. But give it some thought. Mix it up, use different widths and shapes. You probably want the pictures over the sofa to have matching frames. But It’s ok to use frames that don’t match on your smaller items and it makes it more interesting.

End of hallways beg for attention. I like the eclectic mix of items and shapes on a dark wall color—makes it pop!