Designers create unique accessory wall groupings from ordinary items. You will get the ‘I never thought of that’ response from your friends.

With Ebay and Etsy, it’s quite easy to create a unique collection. In the examples below we resourced the items for the designer and created the framing. The purses are sewn into acrylic box frames. The folded books are mounted in a standard shadowbox wood frame without glass. The Fishing reels are framed in open face acrylic box frames. We have also framed commemorative Christmas ornaments, jewelry collections and watches. There are so many options.

The groupings below were created for Faulkner Design Group.

Vintage ladies’ purses floated on white silk.

Vintage fly fishing reels.

We just discovered a cool variation of book art. The pieces below are real books that have cut through designs. The spines are intact and can actually be opened. Even better, the book covers are customizable. What could you design with these books?