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The Best Picture Framing Dallas Residents Could Ask For

    Do you have an old family photo that you want to frame and keep on your side table, or do you own an antique gun collection that needs to be displayed in the living room? Well, no matter what type of art or painting you have, we are ready to give you the best frames that will accentuate your art pieces. We love art and have been in the framing industry for 40+ years. We have helped numerous Dallasites get the most beautiful and unique frames for their pictures and artifacts. We understand the importance of preserving your traditions and making them look much more attractive, enclosed in a wooden frame. Throughout the years, Artifex has developed some of the best picture frames Dallas residence can purchase for your art or canvas pieces.

    Because we value art and traditions more than anything else, we will craft a custom-made design for your picture, as we make frames of all sizes and shapes. No matter what type of frame you are looking for, we will make it for you. Our handcrafted frames are uniquely designed to suit your needs, while our solid wooden frames will accentuate your pictures and the area where they are to be placed. At Artifex Art, we will frame anything for you, whether it be oil paintings, old family photos, or new pictures. If you are an artist, you can enhance your work with a custom frame. Our experts will design a matching frame for your art piece to enhance its beauty. Artifex guarantees quality picture framing Dallas professionally crafted according to each individual’s taste. If you are looking for the perfect picture frames, call us now.

Not convinced? Review our portfolio of work, Read our Blog and browse our Lookbooks above.

Better yet, follow our YouTube channel for weekly videos of actual projects “In the Frame Shop”

In The Frame Shop | See videos of our creative custom art and framing

Framing A Hermès Silk Scarf

Framing A Hermès Silk Scarf

Framing silk scarves takes special care. In this case, our client wanted their Texas-themed Hermès silk scarf that was featured in a Texas Monthly article to be displayed in an acrylic box. We did not want to use the traditional mounting materials like glue, because...

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In The Frame Shop features tips and tricks for framing and interior design. Each week Russell takes you behind the scenes to inspire your next project. Make sure to follow this channel for weekly updates.

The Frame Store Dallas Loves

    Our broad design capability makes us unique, distinguishing us from other art stores, especially considering that our traditional and rustic frames can be an excellent choice for your western or southwest art pieces or collections. We have many colorful options for a kid’s room or your kid’s photos, we provide a wide variety of options to choose from. In short, you can get any framing that you want for your art pieces. 

    Not only do we provide frames, but we also offer a lot of various canvases that will be ideal for your oil paintings and sketches. When you are ready to display your art, we will help you find the most unique and attractive frames that will look the most appealing with them, as our team of professionals is always ready to help you create the one-of-a-kind frame for your design. At our frame store Dallas, all customers are guaranteed to experience both superior customer service and high-quality work. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and work with the best custom framing service in the city.


Visit the Best Frame Shop Dallas – Interior Designers Agree

     As a unique picture framing shop, we excel at unexpected capabilities to ensure that you receive the best product for your design. With our great staff who is always available to help you choose the ideal picture frame for all your wall art . We are unlike other framers, because we have many unique capabilities for framing, canvases, acrylic, wood and metal art pieces. We deliver on time and have multiple sources for delivery and installation. Our team of skilled designers will guide you through the entire process of framing and art selection, ensuring you receive the best picture frames Dallas TX for designers.

Call us in advance to schedule a framing consultation, we always look forward to hearing from you. Affordable prices make us the top choice frame shop Dallas for interior designers. So, feel free to give us a call or visit our shop to get the most attractive frame for your Art.

Review our portfolio of interior design projects, read our blog, or check out our Lookbooks.

Better yet, follow our YouTube channel for weekly videos of actual projects “In the Frame Shop

The Ideal Company for Framing – Dallas Artists Prefer

Artifex Art is not like other companies, as we provide a more personal level of service. Once you begin working with us, you will immediately get 1:1 attention, as our designers will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best design for your art piece. Assuredly, Artifex Art offers the best custom picture framing Dallas can purchase. Our eclectic and unique designs will add more attraction and value to your collections. Our frames are available in various colors depending upon the art, as well as many different sizes and shapes.

Our highly desirable and popular closed-corner frames are in high demand. The precision and quality is unmatched.  If you have something very special to display, our gold and silver gilded frames would surely be the ideal choice for you. The stunning golden shades are perfect for antique mirror, valuable artifacts and paintings.

Check Out Our Unique Custom Framing Dallas Families Love

    If you have a family heritage souvenir or a collection of some rare pieces, then it might be the best time to display them in your dining room. Our team of trained professionals who will assist you in finding the best frame for your canvas or fine art. You can visit our showroom or work with us virtually. We have the solution for your framing needs and challenges. With a huge selection of samples you are sure to find the perfect design for you treasured art piece. In addition to wood frames we can also help with steel look frames, leather, mirrored and many other creative solutions.

    To get the best picture frames Dallas TX, all you have to do is give us a call or visit our store, as our team of professionals who are always ready to help you get the best frame for your art. We allow you to have complete control in making the decisions that are most suitable for you, allowing you to design the frame most appropriate for your art. Our exceptional designers will be assisting you in selecting the right choice of materials and colors to further ensure that, with the best custom picture framing Dallas, we will craft something special for you. Artifex Art is always ready to help you get the best quality mat, frame, and conservation materials to both beautify and preserve your art pieces and pictures. So, visit us today for the best custom framing Dallas has to offer!ervatories to both beautify and preserve your art pieces and pictures. So, visit us today for the best custom framing Dallas has to offer!

About Us

The Best Picture Frames – Dallas Residents Admire

      As a family-owned art framing shop that was established many years ago, we have certainly earned many years of experience in this field by helping Dallas clients with the best frames for their artwork, collections, and portraits. Located in the center of Dallas, we are the one-stop-shop for all of your framing needs, as we have hired some of the best local designers and art experts to make the most beautiful and creative picture frame for you. Since 1979 we have continuously created quality frames of various materials such as hard woods, burl, metal, and laminates in various shapes and size.

     Beginning with the old and traditional wooden style, we offer all the elegant wooden frames, specifically handmade by our experts, who will ensure to provide your art craft both the best coverage and preservation that will accentuate its beauty and make it last longer. Since we believe in honesty and integrity, our exceptional consultants will work closely with you to further guarantee that you receive the most unique and elegant frame which you desire for your piece. We deal with each customer individually, assigning a designer to each of them, as we promise to provide our clients with the special one-on-one time that they deserve. Along with our professionalism, we remain entirely friendly with our customers, always showing our great respect and care for them and their art. We are always looking forward to provide you with the best picture frames Dallas.

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  • Creation of custom art, photography, sculpture
  • Quality Production
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Ease of Transaction
  • Project Management
  • Planning, Design and Presentation
  • Reduced Workload
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  • Delivery, Crating, Installation

In order to keep everything on track, Artifex maintains a strict process from the beginning to the end of every project. Please download our Process Overview for an idea of how your specific project would be handled.

Artifex Art: The Premier Picture Framers in Dallas!

    At Artifex Art, we strive to provide you with the most elegant picture frames at the most affordable prices. Our rates are very reasonable. Not only do we believe in honesty and integrity, but we also never ignore or disregard your feedback, Our experts will guide you, ensuring that you get the most vibrant design at the most affordable price that will retain its beauty for many years. The materials that we use in our products are top quality and destined to last longer. 

   We use superior quality wood to create the most intrinsic designs for you. Apart from wood tones, we also have a wide variety of frames that are made from golden and silver gilding. Since some of the art pieces require a metal frame, we also provide superior quality anodized finishes. Throughout the years, we have consistently progressed with the popular trends, including the latest designs and trends that are attractive and in high demand. We also have a great delivery system, providing out-of-city delivery service as well. You can order a frame or drop off your art piece, and the end product will be delivered to you. In addition to being one of the best local picture framers, we also offer excellent customer service, with our experts always there to assist you; we will closely work with you to select the ideal frame for your most treasured artifact or collection.

Quality Picture Frames Dallas TX Customers Love

     We’ve provided the best picture frames to Dallas for many years. You can pick up your completed frames at our showroom or we can arrange delivery through a delivery service.

     To get the picture frames Dallas customers love, our designers research and work hard to offer the best designs available. Our work includes frames of every shape, including circles, squares, and ovals as well. As certain art pieces are difficult to frame, you might hesitate before framing them. You can rest assured that we have the knowledge and experience to provided quality custom picture framing Dallas customers expect.

For many years (since 1979) we have successfully framed and preserved various oddly shaped pieces that are very challenging to frame. Our unique ability to involve the client in the design process distinguishes us from the rest.

Go to our YouTube Chanel ( Artifex – In The Frame Shop ) to watch videos of the unusual and cool pieces we frame. Picture frames Dallas TX at the most affordable prices.

Our Team

Russell Cox

Russell Cox

President and Owner

Russell became interested in the picture framing industry when his family purchased an existing shop and he has been serving […]

Margaret Devine

Margaret Devine

Vice President of Sales

Margaret developed her artistic skills and understanding of designers’ needs as an art gallery assistant in the Design District prior […]

Joe Nilo

Joe Nilo

General Manager

Joe has been involved with Artifex’s internal management since 2010 and is responsible for the “behind-the-scenes” details of each project. […]

Paz Maldonado

Paz Maldonado

Shop and Production Manager

With more than 10 years of experience at Artifex, Paz efficiently manages the “back of house” details of each project […]

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